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Best Breakfast in Foborough

Delicious breakfast with some of the best pancakes I’ve ever tried. Chocolate and banana pancakes are great, service so friendly!
— Matt
Most people find this place very friendly and cozy. It's always bustling with a lot of people inside,somehow they always manage to seat you quickly, and they always accommodate your needs and wants. Staff is always very helpful , it's always been a pleasant experience. They had full breakfast from eggs, toast, bacon to pancakes with whipped cream.
— Nancy Murray
The customer service was excellent where me my husband n brother in law went there today they quickly sat us down. Then took our order, and not even like 5mins in they had our order done. They also checked in on us with our food and if we needed anything. I love it there. Delicious food also I had the big Al's breakfast talk about food talking in your stomach saying "yummy hitting the spot". I recommend it to everyone.
— Feliz CC

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